Ketogenic Diet and Brain Tumors: What You Need to Know

If you’ve heard of the ketogenic diet, you’re probably aware that there’s no limit to the information you can find on it online. However, finding solid, research-supported information about this strict eating plan is more difficult. In this podcast, dietitian Annette Goldberg and neuro-oncologist Dr. Roy Strowd examine the science around the ketogenic diet and how it is being studied to treat brain tumors.

  • What is the ketogenic diet? [2:57].

  • History of the ketogenic diet [4:50].

  • How the ketogenic diet is prescribed for adults [6:00].

  • How does the brain function during the ketogenic diet? [7:14].

  • What’s going on in research of the ketogenic diet and brain tumors? [8:55].

  • Is the ketogenic diet safe? [12:15].

  • Where you can go to learn more about the ketogenic diet [14:11].

Annette Goldberg, MS, MBA, RDN, LDN, is an outpatient oncology dietitian at the Boston Medical Center Cancer Care Center. Roy Strowd, MD, is an assistant professor of neurology and oncology and a neurologist and neuro-oncologist at the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.

This is a prerecorded audio podcast. It can be listened to online or downloaded to your computer. A transcript of this podcast is also available. For more information, visit the Cancer.Net podcast page.


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